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Commonwealth Civil Society Statement

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The final Commonwealth Civil Society Statement has been released.

The statement has been developed out of a Commonwealth wide process, which saw the facilitation of regional consultations in the Caribbean (Georgetown, Guyana 28-29 June 2011), Central and West Africa (Abuja, Nigeria 22-23 June 2011), East and Southern Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa 27-28 June 2011), Asia (New Delhi, India 27-28 June 2011), Europe (London, United Kingdom 11 May 2011) and the Pacific (Sydney, Australia 23-24 May 2011). These brought together more than 250 civil society representatives between May and June 2011. This statement was also informed by submissions from 14 Commonwealth Associations and two National Associations.

It was drafted by a group of nominated civil society leaders that were deeply involved in the regional consultations, and included representation from the Commonwealth Associations. This statement was developed, focussing on achievable, measurable and targeted recommendations which provide the basis for civil society engagement. It is indicative of contemporary civil society concerns, rather than a comprehensive listing. In the tradition of previous declarations from civil society it highlights critical contextual issues of common interest and high priority to civil society and recommends actions to be taken by Commonwealth Heads of Government, Commonwealth Member States, Commonwealth bodies and civil society itself.

Click here to download a copy of the statement

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