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DCSP Policy

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The Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy

This diagram is the DCSP Policy diagram. It provides a picture of the ideal state of the Policy in operation.

A major feature of the Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) Policy is the change in the relationship between community service organisations and government line agencies.

When you really get down to basics, the DCSP policy is really presenting a new way of engaging in relationships. It acknowledges, as the Economic Audit Report did, that:

  • Government do not necessarily have the in-depth knowledge of communities and their needs.  Community service organisations do have this knowledge.
  • Community service organisations are usually heavily under-resourced.

Because of this, the policy puts the emphasis on a collaborative partnership between government and community service organisations.  The government have to engage with community service organisations in identifying the needs in the community, what services are available, and find out from talking to community service organisations what the real and accurate cost of meeting these needs are. Then, government ensures that organisations have the true amounts that they need in order to deliver these services. See Overview of the DCSP Policy changes factsheet for a brief overview of these changes.

This fundamental change results in both the CSOs and the government needing to understand and alter the way they interact with each other.

We can divide our discussion on the DCSP Policy into three parts:

    1. The nature of the relationship
    2. Funding and contracting options
    3. Reducing the administrative burden

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