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Who is there to help?

Skip Navigation LinksThe Funding Reform Background on DCSP the policy Who is there to help?

Community service organisations have a number of sources of support in understanding and implementing the changes from the DCSP Policy.

Who is there to help?


The Funding and Contracting Services unit (FaCS) has been established under the Department of Finance to provide support to both government and CSOs in responding to the DCSP Policy. They have rolled out, and continue to deliver, a number of workshops around pricing and costing, and outcomes based procurement. They will also visit organisations individually where required, and are the best contact for technical policy related enquiries. For further information on support from FaCS, please visit  here 

National Disability Services is also delivering some workshops on pricing and costing; and outcomes based measurement and reporting. NDS is also developing a costing tool in conjunction with Curtin University that can be used across the sector. For more information on NDS’s support, please visit the NDS website

Individual line agencies are also playing a very active role in assisting their funded bodies to understand the changes within the DCSP Policy. Granted, some line agencies are taking on the changes much quicker than others. If you are having some problems understanding some aspect of the DCSP policy, in the spirit of the collaborative partnership, you should always feel that you can contact them to talk through your concerns.

The Fostering Partnerships program, provided through FaCS  is administering  funding for joint projects between government  agencies and not for profit organisations to facilitate that spirit of the collaborative relationship. Its purpose is to encourage and build cross sector capacity to implement the DCSP Policy. For more information on the Fostering Partnerships program, you can visit the Fostering Partnerships program website. The last round closed in February but there will be a new round opening soon.

WACOSS works with nine very passionate peak bodies across Western Australia in order to support CSO’s in implementing the DCSP Policy. All peaks are more than happy to assist their community service organisations who might have questions regarding the DCSP Policy.

WACOSS is implementing three strategies in supporting community service organisations in understanding and dealing with these changes.

First, we are providing a number of online resources (just like this one) and fact-sheets, to provide some guidance for individuals in navigating this funding reform.

Second, we are rolling out a number of workshops both in the metro areas and in regions. These workshops are highly practical, enabling organisations to address issues that are significant to them. For further information on when these workshops are, please click here

Further, WACOSS has engaged a number of experts to provide you with additional individual support on issues you may need assistance in addressing. You can get advice on any issue, ranging from tender writing, and pricing and costing your services to quality assurance, governance or strategic direction for Boards and CEOs.

For more information on WACOSS’s support, please contact us


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