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The intention of this section was to provide an introduction to some of the concepts and issues at play when a small-medium not-for-profit organisation enters into a funding application under the new government funding and procurement regime in WA. 

It was noted from the outset that to do so without an understanding of how costing and pricing sits within the organisation’s financial management system would create inefficiency. As such much of this section has been focussed on providing an overview of a sound financial management framework and some of the ways individuals interact with it. 

The overriding theme however has been that building strong costing and pricing models together with associated budgets is not about systems or procedures as much as instilling reasoning and strong logic around costs and price estimates. Regardless of the size of an organisation, the type of activity or the level of funding; ownership of the logic behind the numbers by all those involved in the provision of a service is by far the optimum way to produce accurate and relevant financial information and to encourage ongoing engagement with it.

Below you can find some further links and some useful templates for pricing and costing 

Budget tool and example

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