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The Western Australian Council of Social Service, on behalf of the Emergency Relief Sector, is pleased to be once again co-ordinating the Emergency Relief Conference for 2015. 

This conference provides a rare opportunity for professional development and training for the hundreds of volunteers and paid staff working across WA who provide regular material and financial assistance to those most in need in our community.

The conference allows workers and volunteers from a range of diverse service backgrounds and geographical locations to collaborate and develop better working relationships.  It will also aim to facilitate knowledge sharing, skills development and act as a catalyst for new ideas for the sector.

In the current financial climate, there is an ever increasing need for collaboration in the delivery of services, not just to meet the immediate financial needs of clients, but to try and improve client outcomes in the long run.   

The theme of the conference this year will focus on the challenges and opportunities of improving individual and family resilience, capability and wellbeing, through integrated service models, including the development and strengthening of local networks among all services within ER.  

Emergency Relief is often seen as a gateway, or link, to a range of other services; this year’s conference will also examine best practice and structure in ER service delivery that can best address the underlying causes, escalation and recurrence of individual and family crises.

We are grateful to the sponsors of the conference that assists in making this an affordable event for everyone and are honoured to bring this well respected event to the sector once again.  

I hope you will join me at this great event!

Irina Cattalini

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