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    Community Sector Management Course Units

    Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB51107)

    18th May 2016- *Develop & use emotional intelligence – BSBLDR501

    •    Identify the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace
    •    Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others
    •    Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others
    •    Utilise emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes

    19th May 2016- *Lead & manage effective workplace relationships – BSBLDR502

    •    Manage ideas and information
    •    Establish systems to develop trust and confidence
    •    Manage the development and maintenance of networks and relationships
    •    Manage difficulties to achieve positive outcomes

    15th June 2016- Undertake Project Work

    •    Define project
    •    Develop project plan
    •    Administer / monitor project
    •    Finalise project
    •    Review project

    13th July 2016- Manage people performance – BSBMGT502

    •    Allocate work
    •    Assess performance
    •    Manage follow up

    10th August 2016- *Manage operational plan – BSBMGT517

    •    Develop operational plan
    •    Plan and manage resource acquisition
    •    Monitor and review operational performance

          Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff – BSBHRM405

    •    Plan for recruitment
    •    Plan for selection
    •    Support selection process
    •    Induct successful candidate

    7th September 2016- Manage quality customer service – BSBCUS501

    •    Plan to meet customer requirements
    •    Ensure delivery of quality products and services
    •    Monitor, adjust and review customer service

    5th October 2016- Facilitate continuous improvement – BSBMGT516

    •    Lead CI systems and processes
    •    Monitor / adjust performance strategies
    •    Manage opportunities for further improvement

         Build & sustain an innovative work environment – BSBINN502

    •    Lead innovation by example
    •    Establish work practices that support innovation
    •    Promote innovation
    •    Create a physical environment which supports innovation
    •    Provide learning opportunities

    2nd November 2016- Manage personal work priorities and professional development – BSBWOR501

    •    Establish personal work goals
    •    Set and meet work priorities
    •    Develop and maintain professional competence

    30th November 2016- *Lead & manage team effectiveness – BSBWOR502

    •    Establish team performance plan
    •    Develop and facilitate team cohesion
    •    Facilitate teamwork

    1st December 2016- Communicate with influence – BSBLDR503

    •    Communicate clearly
    •    Present and negotiate persuasively
    •    Participate in and lead, meetings effectively
    •    Make presentations at meetings, forums and conferences

    Please note: Units may be subject to minor changes