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Over the course of the year WACOSS holds a number of Social Policy and Sector Services & Development events. Many of these are consultation sessions that inform WACOSS' advocacy work over the year. Others include the Emergency Relief Conference, the biannual WACOSS Conference, and a number of special events featuring guest speakers on topics relevant to the sector.

 All current events are listed below. To register, just click on the event of interest and follow the prompts.

27 Feb - 3 Mar 2017 - Self-Directed Services: Empowering and Transforming Lives

Self-Directed Services and Support is an emerging trend that the Community Service Sector needs to understand and be prepared for. While progress in implementing Self-Directed Services has already been made in the disability, mental health and aged care sectors, there has been less progress across the Sector as a whole. Many in the Community Services Sector are already committed to empowering service users and for many agencies this will be a funding model of the future. For more information on the week of events, or to register for an event click here.  

4 Apr 2017 - Big Data and Social Investment Forum

Drawing on the experience of Data Futures New Zealand and keynote speaker Dame Diane Robertson and a number of other speakers, we will provide practical examples of data being used to drive better outcomes, and how data can be used to powerfully make the case for service integration and to measure the collective impact of integrated and collaborative approaches to entrenched disadvantage.  To register for the main event click here.

11 May 2017 - Make Smoking History in your Community Service Organisation

This half day workshop will look at opportunities across the whole organisation to address tobacco smoking with both staff and clients. It identifies opportunities across priority areas and uses an organisational change framework to implement changes into existing organisational processes. To register click here.

8 Jun 2017 - The Roles of Community Services in Reducing Tobacco Use

This half day workshop will equip staff with the capacity to support clients to cut down and eventually quit using tobacco. This involves brief intervention training as well as identifying referral pathways and support. To register click here.


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