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Democracy and Governance

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This is what we asked the parties to respond to.

Democracy and Governance

Providing democratic processes and open and accountable governance structures is important at all levels of community and Government, particularly in a way that is simple for people to engage in, and doesn’t result in overly complex bureaucratic processes. It’s vital that Western Australians have access to information, and are able to participate in decision making processes about issues that affect their lives and the liveability of their communities. Good governance is also essential to deliver on the promise of justice and legal rights.

How do your party’s policies address this principle?


WA Labor is committed to open and accountable government with recognition of the value of our democratic and public institutions, which have the power to address
exclusion and disadvantage. A strong, independent and sustainable community
services sector is important for Government accountability and WA Labor remains committed to continuing the roll-out of the $600 million sustainable funding and
community services sector collaboration.

One of the first decisions made by the State Government was to create an independent Public Sector Commission (PSC) and the position of Public Sector Commissioner.  The separation of the Commission and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has moved the management of the bureaucracy away from the government of the day to enhance the independence, professionalism and integrity of the public sector. The Commission is responsible for the overall efficiency of the public sector and ensures that processes and standards are free from political influence or interference. 

 The Greens (WA) believe that ongoing public participation should underpin laws and policy and that all members of the community, including members of marginalised groups, have the right to be directly involved in the economic and political decisions that affect their lives. We support greater opportunity for involvement in decision-making for all people. We believe the public should be provided with comprehensive and timely information. We want individuals, community groups and NGOs to freely participate in public debate without fear of repercussion. We support openness and honesty in government and the creation of a rigorous regulatory regime for lobbyists.

The response from the National Party did not address the individual priorities. Please refer to their letter for more details of their response, please click here.
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