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This is what we asked the parties to respond to.


We all benefit from being part of a vibrant, innovative community, which comes from have a wide diversity of people, ideas and expression. Diversity needs to be embraced, valued, fostered and protected in all its forms, for the social, cultural, artistic, intellectual and economic advancement of Western Australia.

How do your party’s policies address this principle?


One of WA Labor's enduring values is that of individual freedom to hold whatever beliefs we choose while respecting those of others and the freedom to express those beliefs without fear or favour. This freedom, along with fairness, compassion and other enduring WA Labor values informs all of our policies.

The Liberal-led Government has initiated a number of measures aimed at promoting and assisting in cultural diversity since 2008, including:
 • Launching the Cultural Diversity Statement in 2012 which states that: 
“The Western Australian government proudly acknowledges and  celebrates our cultural diversity as one of our State’s great strengths”;
• Implementation of an online cultural competency training package “DiverseWA” for the Western Australian public sector;
• Publication of “Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse  Communities” to assist local governments with community planning; and
• An online database – “Catalogue of Settlement Services and Programs for Migrants and Humanitarian Entrants in Western Australia” to ensure humanitarian entrants have access to support services.  


 The Greens (WA) believe in promoting cultural and ethnic diversity by removing barriers to participation for people of diverse ethnic and cultural origins and through campaigns against racism. We support the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Greens (WA) support culturally appropriate services, including in the areas of health, legal assistance and education. We believe that freedom of sexuality and gender identity are fundamental rights, and the acceptance and celebration of people of diverse sexuality and gender identity is essential for social justice and equality.

  The response from the National Party did not address the individual priorities. Please refer to their letter for more details of their response, please click here.

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