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Promise Watch!

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Promise Watch is WACOSS’s summary of the key social policy and community sector-related announcements and promises which were made by each of the four main political parties (Liberals, Nationals, Labor & Greens) during the course of the 2013 WA election campaign. 

Click here to view the complete list of announcements and promises.

WACOSS will use this Promise Watch list to:
  • Track the new Government’s progress in fulfilling its election promises in these areas (especially following the release of the 2013-14 State Budget); and
  • Assess the positions which other parties take on related issues, Bills and advocacy over the term of the 39th Parliament.  

Promise Watch will assist WACOSS and its members in their dealings with the Government and other political parties over the next four years.

Please review Promise Watch to look for the promises and policy commitments that impact on your service area and service users – and please let us at WACOSS know of any policy announcements made during the course of the election campaign that have not yet been included.

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