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Conference Presentations

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Keynote Speakers

The Big Picture: What demographics data is telling us about the WA community and its future
Bernard Salt, Leading Demographer, KMPG

Standing together for Kandri

Dr Anne Poelina, Managing Director, Majala Inc

The Intrusion of the Excluded
Dr John Falzon, Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia

A Generational Opportunity is Within our Grasp
Ingrid Srinath, Secretary General, CIVICUS - The World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Culture: Driving Cultural and Organisational Excellence

Concurrent Session 1

Ontological Coaching: A Holistic Approach to Building Collaborative and High Performance Cultures.

Dr Nicky Howe & Anne Courtney, Southcare Inc

Towards Excellence in Wellness: A User Guide Service Providers.

Susan Johnson & Bonnie Mist, CommunityWest.

Gaining the Competitive Edge: Is There an "Essential Link" between Large and Small NFP Community Organisations?

Wayne Stevenson, Communicare Inc.

Concurrent Session 2

Regulatory Reform- Where to Next?

Panellists Include:

David Gilchrist, Curtin Business School

Chris Twomey, WACOSS

David Locke, Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

Gina Anderson, Centre for Social Impact- Melbourne

Concurrent Session 3

Structural Reform in the Early Years.

Helen Creed, WACOSS

"Coming here is very good for me": Approaches to Perinatal Mental Health Issues Amongst Women of Humanitarian Entrant Backgrounds

Dr Liza Beinart & Amelia Hu, Save the Children Australia

Collaboration: Working Strategically to effect change

Concurrent Session 1

Policing a Diverse Community: De Do Do Do's, De Da Da Da's

Maggie Plumb, Western Australia Police

From 'Us and Them' to 'We': Policy collaboration in the mentoring reform

Louise Giolitto, YMCA & Stuart Reid, WA Department for Communities

Raising the Bar: Driving improved outcomes through strengthened partnerships

Dr Karin Mac Arthur, Ray Peters & Joanne Hall, Department for Communities

Rod West, Centrecare and Community Partners

Judy Walker, Child Australia

Keith Reid, Relationships Australia

Concurrent Session 2

Genuine Partnership in action: Implementing the Delivering Community Services in Partnership Policy - MercyCare and the Department for Child Protection.

Julie Waylen and  Chris Hall, MercyCare & Steve Glew, DoCP.

‘Doing Foyer’: making the Foyer model work in WA
Jethro Sercombe, Anglicare WA

From Little Things Big Things Grow - Showcasing based practice from a primary mental health service.
Jo Drayton & Maxine Santich, Rural Community Support Service

Concurrent Session 3

Creating the Space for Change.
Brodie McColloch, Social innovation in WA (SiiWA) & Dr Christopher Kueh, Edith Cowan University

Community: Setting priorities and making an impact

Concurrent Session 1

Using Data Effectively to Plan and Report Your Community Impact
Bernard Salt

Colouring the Horizons in Aged Care
Amar Vasani & Karena Sherriff, Independent Living Centre for Multicultural Aged Care

Concurrent Session 2

George Jones Child Advocacy Centre: an example of Innovation and Empowerment in practice
Natalie Hall & Kathleen Parker, Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Elder Abuse or Family Abuse? Will ‘She be Right’?
Michael Clare, Consultancy and Crime Research Centre - UWA

Lock Them Up and Throw Away the Key: the use of prisons for indefinite detention of the mentally impaired
Alison Muller & Mark Cairn, Geraldton Resource Centre Inc

Concurrent Session 3

Outputs, Outcomes: The Practical Side of Reporting Service Delivery Achievements
David Gilchrist, Curtin University

Results Based Accountabilty – Innovation in Knowing your Impact
Desiree Nangle & Jennifer Duffey, Anglicare

Empowering refugee women through entrepreneurship – Spotlight on Multicultural Family Day Care Village
Monica Montalvo & Pamela Ellis-Kane, Communicare Inc

Creativity: Leading Innovation and Empowerment

Concurrent Session 1

An Introduction to Response-Based Practice
Angela Hartwig, Louise Carey & Jackie Newbigin, Women’s Council For Domestic and Family Violence Services

Philanthropy: Impact over intentions
Professor Paul Flatau, Centre for Social Impact

Disability Insurance Scheme
Marita Walker, Perth Home Care Services

Concurrent Session 2

Night-Time Engagement Programs as an Approach to the Street Presence of At-Risk Children and Young People in Perth
Karina Chicote, Save The Children Australia

Aboriginal Women and the Art and Science of Service Linkages
Leah Watkins, Starfish Consulting

Concurrent Session 3

Self-Directed Supports and Services – Translating theory into practice
Robyn Massey & Monique Williamson, Disability Services Commission

The Move to Self Directed Services – Employer Perspectives
Sue Ash, UnitingCare West

The Move to Self Directed Services – Consumer Perspectives
Sue-Hsien Lee, WA Individualised Services

Combination of really interesting things we think you might like

Concurrent Session 1

How to effectively engage in social media for your organisation at no cost!
Craig McAllister, MIDLAS

E-Visits – Dads and Kids Connect Program: Innovation in Action using technology to connect kids with dads in prisons.
Melinda Spencer & Kerri Bishop, Good Beginnings Australia

Concurrent Session 2

Cultivating Social Innovation – Perspectives of some recent recipients of the Social Innovation Grants program
Presenters Include:
Pearl Craig, Department for Communities
Michelle Twigger, Ruah Community
Mary Gurgone, Brightwater Care Group Inc
Marjorie Caw, Therapy Through Technology
David Doyle, DADAA

Social Enterprise – Getting Down to Business
Tom Tolchard, SiiWA

Concurrent Session 3

Big Picture Challenges for WA Community Organisations as Change Agents
Sheryl Carmondy & Reg Henry, RUAH Community Services

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