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WACOSS, the leading peak organisation for the Social Service Sector in WA represents three hundred member organisations and affiliates, and over eight hundred organisations involved in the provision of services to the community. WACOSS is part of a national network of national, state and territory COSS’s. Our national coverage strengthens our capacity to represent state interests. We speak with and for the hundreds of thousands of West Australians who use community services each year, bringing their voice and interests to the attention of government, business, decision makers, media and the wider community.


The WACOSS vision is an inclusive, just and equitable society now and in the future


We advocate for social change to improve the wellbeing of Western Australians and to strengthen the community services sector that supports them.


Our Values are our guiding principles that express who we are, shape the way we approach our work and provide an underlying framework for our decision making and actions.

At WACOSS we value:
Collaboration – Working collaboratively with our membership, the community services sector and the national COSS network, together with our stakeholders and strategic partners.

Human Rights – The promotion and protection of human rights that respect the inherent value and dignity of all Western Australians.

Ethics – Our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Recognition – Providing recognition of the quality and value of the work undertaken by our staff and our members to civil society in WA.

Innovation – Striving for continuous quality improvement and new ways of working to achieve our mission.

Indigenous Cultures – Acknowledging the unique strengths of and disadvantage experienced by WA’s Indigenous people.

2016-18 WACOSS Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Diversity – The strengths and unique needs of our diverse population and sector.


  • To assist organisations within the community services sector with the development of socially just, professional, efficient, effective, co-operative and compassionate services, particularly for disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community.
  • To represent the views and needs of client groups and populations to all levels of the government and non-government sector, the media and general public, in relation to social policies, community services planning and service delivery issues.
  • To educate community services personnel and the public about issues affecting social and community service organisations and their clientele.
  • To produce proactive, powerful, principled and well informed social policy.
  • To advocate for a united Australia which respects this land of ours, values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, and provides justice and equity for all.

Section 4 WACOSS Constitution

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