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Gas is an important essential service. It provides such basic functions as heating water for bathing, stoves and ovens for cooking and heating air space for living. However, the affordability of gas services is an issue of increasing concern in the context of cost of living pressures within Western Australia.

Gas prices in WA have increased substantially in recent years which has led to an increased number of residential gas disconnections and significant uptake of payment plans. In 2008/09, the state-wide total number of residential gas disconnections increased by 30 per cent from 2007/08. During 2008/09, residential gas disconnections in WA were also over five times higher than disconnection by electricity retailers.

With gas tariffs increasing again in 2009/10 (by 7%) and more future increases likely, these disconnection figures are likely to continue to rise.

Whilst access to gas services at a fair and reasonable price is the right of all Western Australians, potentially exorbitant gas pricing has a much greater proportional impact on low-income individuals and families, who are required to spend a significantly higher percentage of their household income on domestic energy costs. WACOSS continues to advocate on behalf of those consumers to keep a downward pressure on gas prices and alleviate the burden of keeping connected to this essential service.

Gas Publications

  1. Proposal for a National Energy Consumer Advocacy Body, response to directions paper, 11 April 2013
    file (221.44 KB)
  2. Response to the Proposal for a National Energy Consumer Advocacy Body Preliminary Statement of Issues and Questions for Consultation, 7 March 2013
    file (240.21 KB)
  3. WACOSS comment on Alinta Sales Pty Ltd’s (t/a Alinta Energy) proposed replacement standard form contract for the supply of gas to small use customers, 18 December 2012
    file (539.93 KB)
  4. A proposal for the establishment of a National Energy Advocacy Organisation
    file (1.12 MB)
  5. WACOSS Submission to the ERA regarding proposed amendments to the Financial Hardship Policy Guidelines, 27 September 2012
    file (373.88 KB)
  6. WACOSS Information Sheet: Utility Price Rises 2006-2011
    file (434.10 KB)
  7. WACOSS Submission to Strategic Energy Initiative, May 2011
    file (510.10 KB)
  8. WACOSS Submission to ERA Draft Decision - Mid-West and South-West Gas Distribution Systems Revised Access Arrangement, November 2010
    file (699.65 KB)
  9. Impact of the WA Gas Networks Proposed Tariffs for the Mid-West and South- West Gas Distribution Systems on Residential Gas Customer Bills, June 2010
    file (1.00 MB)
  10. WACOSS Submission to the ERA’s Draft Gas Last Resort Supply Arrangements, July 2008
    file (67.98 KB)
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Gas Consumer Information and Resources

  1. WACOSS Information Sheet - How to Handle a Problem with Alinta Gas
    file (126.45 KB)
  2. WACOSS Information Sheet - Gas Consumer Rights
    file (142.68 KB)
  3. Compendium of Gas Customer Licence Obligations (Gas Customer Code)
    file (223.19 KB)
  4. AlintaCARE Application Form 2010-11
    file (82.05 KB)
  5. AlintaCARE Guidelines for 2010-11
    file (84.33 KB)
  6. Alinta Hardship Policy
    file (346.10 KB)
  7. Alinta Customer Charter
    file (1.79 MB)