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Housing and Homelessness

Housing affordability and homelessness are not new issues and will always be of central significance to individual, family and community wellbeing.  Policy makers have devoted considerable effort over many years to addressing issues of housing affordability and homelessness.  Most recently the Social Housing Taskforce Report, More Than a Roof and Four Walls, provided Government with a range of options for addressing the lack of affordable housing in Western Australia.  While the private market plays a critical role in creating new housing stock, the price of home ownership is out of reach for most people on low to moderate incomes.  There is an ongoing need for Government to increase the stock of social housing in WA. 

Social housing plays an important role in the housing mix to ensure all West Australians have access to safe, affordable and appropriate housing.    Increases in house prices and rents have seen many people in the lowest income brackets, and increasingly middle income earners, join the Department of Housing’s social housing waiting list. As the cost of accommodation in the private market has increased so too has the demand for public housing.  At the end of September 2010 there were 24,640 applications for public housing, which equates to almost 55,000 people. The number of applications has almost doubled between December 2004 and September 2010, with the number of applications increasing from 12,779 to 24,640.  Increasing the affordable housing options for West Australians would ease the pressure on the social housing waiting list and help alleviate the problem of homelessness in the WA community.

Housing and Homelessness Publications

  1. DoH Tenancy Support Program Submission
    file (178.87 KB)
  2. WACOSS submission to the Community Development and Justice Committee inquiry into social housing in WA, Dec 2010
    file (444.22 KB)
  3. Housing affordability and homelessness in WA – WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper, Nov 2010
    file (716.54 KB)
  4. Housing affordability and homelessness in WA – WACOSS 2011-12 Issues Paper, Nov 2010
    file (793.73 KB)
  5. WACOSS submission to the Department of Housing regarding the Social Housing Taskforce final report, Dec 2009
    file (1.57 MB)
  6. WACOSS Submission to the Department of Housing and Works. A Legislative Framework for Community Housing: Proposed Amendments to the Housing Act 1080 and Request for Comments, Jan 2009
    file (156.43 KB)
  7. State Budget 2008/09 Information Sheet – Housing, May 2008
    file (33.30 KB)
  8. WACOSS Presentation Setting the WA Housing Scene, June 2007
    file (107.83 KB)
  9. State Budget 2007/08 Information Sheet – Housing, May 2007
    file (44.80 KB)
  10. WACOSS Brief Submission to Department of Housing and Works Review of Housing Service Delivery Discussion Paper, April 2007
    file (42.62 KB)
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