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Pre-Budget Submission

Each year the Council submits a Pre-Budget Submission to the State Government. It highlights priority areas for service funding for the next State Budget on behalf of the community services sector. It's one of our most effective tools for influencing our State Government's decision making.

Our latest Pre-Budget Submission can be downloaded below.

It provides a high level analysis of the key priorities of the community services sector, which we are seeking to have addressed by the WA Government through the State Budget.

The Council’s annual submission seeks to support the application of rational evidence and need basis to State Government expenditure by outlining the priority needs of the community services sector.

The Council advocates that any changes to service funding and program design should be targeted to prioritise those with the greatest need and focus on measures that deliver measurable long-term outcomes to our most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Decision making should be based on the following principles:
  • evidence-based decision making;    
  • an open and collaborative assessment process;
  • a timely and planned approach to any service changes to ensure smooth and responsible transition so that vulnerable people do not fall through the cracks; 
  • and net growth in services overall to meet demand and address growing population and need.

Our recommendations provide a sound basis for the difference we can make to ensure that the Council’s vision for an inclusive, just and equitable society is realised.

In each section, we articulate the desired outcome for our community. While recognising that addressing such systematic disadvantage will not happen in one budget cycle, it is important to set out what we are aiming to achieve.  After providing a policy context, our submission then identifies specific areas where we can make a difference through the budget processes and provides costings for them.

WACOSS Pre-Budget Submissions

WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2017-18 The Future in Our Hands

WACOSS-Pre Budget Submission 2016-17 Leaving No-one Behind

Pre-Budget Submission Presentation and Speaking Notes October 2015

WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2015-16 - The Difference We Can Make

WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2014-15 - What Really Counts

WACOSS Pre Budget Submission 2013-14 Update - Stronger Together

WACOSS Pre Budget Submission 2013-14 - Stronger Together

2013-14 Pre-Budget Submission update
2013-14 Pre-Budget Submission update
2013-14 Pre-Budget Submission update
  1. WACOSS Pre Budget Submission 2012-13 - Closing the Social Divide
    file (953.60 KB)
  2. Pre-Budget Submission 2011-12 – Investing in Outcomes. Making it Count for the People of WA Oct 2010
    file (1.52 MB)
  3. Issues Paper 2011-12 – Companion to the WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission
    file (2.21 MB)
  4. PreBudget Submission 2010-11- Putting People First
    file (127.41 KB)
  5. WACOSS Pre-Budget Consultation Report 2010-11. Companion Document for the Pre-Budget Submission Putting the People First
    file (1.18 MB)
  6. Pre-Budget Submission 2009-10 – Putting the Pieces Together Nov 2008
    file (2.60 MB)
  7. WACOSS Pre-Budget Consultation Report – Putting the Pieces Together Nov 2008
    file (2.95 MB)
  8. WACOSS Pre-budget Submission 2008-09 – If not now; When?! Oct 2007
    file (1.17 MB)
  9. WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2007-08 – A Vision Beyond the Boom Oct 2006
    file (1.71 MB)
  10. WACOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2006-07 – Shaping Our Future Oct 2005
    file (568.73 KB)
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