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Children & Vulnerable People

A significant number of children in Western Australia continue to experience poor social and economic outcomes. It is estimated that between 13% and 17% of children are living in poverty. This is much higher for children in some Aboriginal and migrant communities. This can have negative consequences for the child now and in to their adult lives and can also affect the broader community. WACOSS has traditionally contributed to a broad range of issues regarding children including matters related to family and children’s services, child protection, children in care and broader policy issues affecting children such as cost of living and housing.

WACOSS also undertakes policy and advocacy work for other people whose circumstances might make them more vulnerable to disadvantage, discrimination or marginalisation. This may include some:

  • Aboriginal people
  • Young people in their teenage years and early adulthood
  • People with disabilities
  • Older people
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • People with diverse sexuality or gender identities and
  • People involved in the justice system (both victims and offenders)