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People with Disabilities and Carers

People with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. In 2003 over 405,000 West Australians, or 21 per cent of the state’s population, were living with a disability. More than 115,800 had a profound or severe core activity limitation and required assistance with basic life tasks such as bathing, moving about and communicating with others.  Many people with a disability are unable to access health and education services, participate in the workforce or be actively involved in the community.  As a result they are likely to face an increased risk of poverty and social isolation.

With the number of people in WA living with a disability forecast to increase significantly over the next 20 years it is imperative that all levels of government continue to work together to enhance the choice and quality of life of people with disabilities so they can fully participate as valued members of the community.

Disability and Carers Publications:

  1. People with Disabilities – 2011-12 Issues Paper Oct 2010
    file (387.56 KB)
  2. State Budget 2008/09 Information Sheet - Care and Support
    file (28.39 KB)
  3. State Budget 2007/08 Information Sheet - Disability Services
    file (30.83 KB)
  4. State Budget 2006/07 Information Sheet - Disability Services
    file (30.50 KB)
  5. State Budget 2005/06 Information Sheet Groups Facing Particular Disadvantage – People with Disabilities
    file (35.51 KB)
  6. WACOSS_Forum_MedicareLocals_21082012
    file (141.49 KB)


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