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Utility Assistance Schemes

Currently in Western Australia there are a number of utility assistance schemes for people having difficulty paying their Electricity, Water and Gas bills.   These schemes can be accessed via an Welfare/ Emergency Relief Agency or a Financial Counselling service.  The following provides an overview of how the schemes work and guidelines to assist with client applications.  These forms are regularly updated. Please ensure you are using a current version.

Power Assist

The Power Assist Scheme is an initiative of Synergy and Horizon Power and the WACOSS Community Relief Resilience Forum (CRRF). The scheme is aimed at assisting members of the community experiencing financial difficulties with the payment of their electricity accounts and in particular to prevent electricity disconnection. This scheme is available to clients through agencies that provide Emergency Relief or Financial Counselling.

The Scheme is administered by the St Vincent De Paul Society and overseen by the State Emergency Relief Committee on behalf of the ER Sector.

Allocation Dates for 2016/17

The proposed allocation dates for 2016/17 Synergy Power Assist rounds are as follows:

26th & 27th July
16th & 17th August
13th & 14th September
18th & 19th October
15th & 16th November

 13th &14th December

17th & 28th January
14th &15th February
14th & 15th March
18th & 19th April
16th & 17th May

13th & 14th June

The Horizon Power Assist Scheme can be applied for at any time and applications are processed at the end of each month.

For full program guidelines please see the application forms below:

Synergy Power Assist Application Form 2016-17

Horizon Power Assist Application Form 2016-17

Power Assist Reports

WACOSS produces a report each year providing information and data on the Power Assist Scheme. Please use the links below to view the latest reports:

Horizon Power Assist Report 2013-2014
Horizon Power Assist Report 2012-2013
Horizon Power Assist Report 2011-2012

Horizon Power Assist Report 2010-2011

Horizon Power Assist Report 2009-2010

Synergy Power Assist Report 2013-2014
Synergy Power Assist Report 2012-2013
Synergy Power Assist Report 2011-2012
Synergy Power Assist Report 2010-2011
Synergy Power Assist Report 2009-2010

AlintaCARE Scheme

The AlintaCARE Scheme has now been confirmed until June 2016. All applications must be overdue by two weeks or more, must be large bills, or be at risk of disconnection.

AlintaCARE Guidelines 2016-17

AlintaCARE Application Form 2016-17

Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS)

HUGS is a State Government Scheme which provides financial assistance to help people with financial difficulties pay their water, gas, and electricity bills so their supply is not cut off.

Further information on HUGS can be found here