Our 2021 Election Priorities

Our Election Priorities


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We’re All In This Together

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many in our community hard. Unemployment and financial hardship has become a reality for the first time in some peoples’ lives. Frontline health and social services have seen these impacts and been stretched by growing and changing demand.

At the same time, WA was fortunate to dodge the worst impacts of the pandemic, with the strong public health response and economic intervention by government providing a buffer.

As the Federal Government begins to wind back financial support and we approach the end of rental eviction and utility disconnection moratoriums, we are worried that more needs to be done now to provide an early and effective support to the newly jobless and those struggling with financial stress and social isolation. If we do not, our support services face the significant risk that they will be overwhelmed for years to come.

The crisis we have faced together has led to a profound change in attitudes across our community. We have faced this crisis together and seen it impact the jobs and wellbeing of our friends and loved ones. As a community we care and want to help. We desire a just and sustainable recovery that creates a brighter and more inclusive future. Western Australians truly believe ‘we are all this together,’ that we should build back better and leave no-one behind.

Our community’s priorities are taking action to end poverty, creating quality jobs, increasing social housing and providing mental health services.

A Course Forward

On Saturday, 13 March 2021, Western Australia goes to the polls to elect the forty-first Parliament of Western Australia. Every election provides an opportunity to set a path forward for our state, but this election takes place in truly historic circumstances, as we tackle a global pandemic and a-once-in a generation recession. Our community needs those putting themselves forward to be our leaders to have the vision and drive for the task at hand.

That task is so much more than returning to business as usual. It is very clear community concerns and priorities have shifted, that a message blaming the unemployed for their poverty, and calls to be ‘tough on crime’ and cruel to those in need no longer work. We have seen governments can be bold, decisive and spend public resources on tackling big problems, helping those in crisis and investing in a better future. Voters now want to see policies and actions that reflect their priorities, that tackle the big issues and create a better and fairer world.

What commitments are we seeking?

We are calling on all political parties to commit to:

Invest in Caring

  • Create 25,000 quality jobs in the care economy by 2025 to support those most in need
  • Establish independent, Aboriginal-led oversight of our justice system to end the disproportionate imprisonment of Indigenous people


Support Family Wellbeing

  • Target help to the 20% of children and their families growing up in poverty who are falling behind on early development
  • Increase social housing stock by 2,500 new dwellings a year to tackle WA’s affordable housing crisis


Grow Community Connection

  • Provide fast and effective support through community connectors for people seeking to access services, local opportunities and jobs
  • Increase mental health community support by five-fold, and grow prevention spending to 5% of the total mental health spend


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