Jude Sorenson

Jude Sorenson

Ordinary Board Member

State Manager WA | World Vision Australia

Jude has a long term and deep commitment to a more inclusive, just and equitable society. This is underpinned by a passion to see the Community Services sector move towards a development approach that goes beyond service delivery. Partnering with communities to enable capacity to be enhanced and increased so that they are able to make decisions about resources, systems and outcomes that affect their lives is critical.

Jude has spent the last 2 years as the State Manager for World Vision Australia’s First Nations Program and is first and foremost committed to strong and sustainable development, particularly in remote regions of Western Australia. Currently, World Vision partners with Aboriginal Corporations and communities in the Derby region of the West Kimberley and also the Western Desert in the East Pilbara. This work is long term and is led by local Aboriginal people.

Jude was the first woman to Chair the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition (the Federal Peak body for Youth Affairs) in 1998 and was on the National Representative Board firstly as a young person, and then as an organisational representative from 1993-1998. Jude was also on the Executive committee for the Youth Affairs Council of WA (YACWA) from 1998-2003 and Chairperson (Policy) from 1999-2003. Jude has also been granted Life membership of YACWA in recognition of her contribution to the WA Youth Sector.

Bringing a robust community development perspective, informed by her youth work and community development background, is a strength Jude brings to the sector and the WACOSS Board. Jude is passionate about walking alongside Aboriginal communities to support them to lead their own development, particularly in Early Years and Youth Work. She brings over 30 years’ experience with her (including working in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and WA) and is passionate to see meaningful place based, locally driven solutions to some of the most challenging issues we face in WA.

Jude was appointed Ordinary Board Member in November 2019.