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Budget Briefing Resources

15 October 2020

Download Budget Briefing Pack, which includes the media release, as well as fact sheets on: (more…)


Charities: Their Nature and Purpose – public lecture notes

27 June 2019

Notes from a public lecture by Professor David Gilchrist at UWA on 27 June 2019, about the nature of charities, their contribution, and current risks to charities and their stakeholders.


State Budget Briefing 2019-20 Presentation

13 May 2019


Emerging Issues Forum 2019 – Presentation

3 April 2019

View and download each guest presenter’s slides and analysis of the most pressing issues impacting the community services sector in WA.


Governance Changes for NGOs Presentation

1 April 2019

Professor David Gilchrist’s presentation of Governance for NGOs, an update on the regulatory environment, and possible changes that will be occurring to the ACNC’s objectives and activities.


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