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Increase your organisations reach and promote new job listings via the WA Community Sector Job Board. Powered by ANSON, the WA Community Sector Job Board is free to WACOSS organisational members. It provides an affordable and dedicated webpage advertising positions vacant within the not-for-profit community sector. WACOSS non-members can also post job listings on the job board for a fee of $60.

To submit a job to be posted on the job board, please fill in the fields below and press send.  Please note that job listings will not be immediately available on the job board following submission.   Job listings take between 24-48 hours after submission to become live on the Job Board.

If you experience any issues with viewing your job listing, please contact us on 9420 7222 or at [email protected].

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    Submission Policies

    Submitting a job listing to the WA Community Sector Job Board is free for WACOSS Social Service and Associate Organisation members. WACOSS Individual members and non-members will be charged $60 for a single job positing and will be invoiced once a job listing submission has been made.

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