Special Projects

WACOSS Special Projects

Through our policy work and with the advice of our diverse membership base, we continue to identify opportunities to build the capacity of the community sector.  Where existing structures cannot address these areas, WACOSS works in collaboration with the sector to develop special projects and initiatives that aim to assist community service organisations in delivering better outcomes for vulnerable Western Australians.

100 Families WA

100 Families WA

100 Families WA is a three-year research project that aims to gain a deep understanding of hardship in Western Australia through investigation of the lived experience of families living with hardship. Importantly, what helps and what hinders people from breaking free from the cycle of disadvantage. The project is deep collaboration between the University of Western Australia – Centre for Social Impact, and Social Policy Practice and Research Consortium – and nine major community service organisations: AnglicareWA, Centrecare, Jacaranda Community Centre, MercyCare, Ruah, UnitingCare West,  WACOSS, and Wanslea.

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Leadership Development program

The WACOSS Leadership Development program has been uniquely developed specifically for the leaders in the community services sector.

Are your leaders equipped with the necessary skills to be able to implement change and strategy effectively within your organisation? Continuous growth and changes within the community services sector may mean that your current leadership team may be lacking skills and knowledge required to continue delivering outcomes and goals across the board.

The majority of leaders are developed from on-the-job experiences, training and coaching/mentoring; while these are still important, leaders need other ways to develop themselves and others quickly in the right ways to match the new environment. The WACOSS leadership development program is delivered in partnership with MODAL to create stronger teams and more resilient organisations by providing leaders with the necessary skills to enable successful change.

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Community Relief and Resilience Sector Support Program

Emergency Relief providers assist people dealing with a financial crisis, through material or financial assistance. These providers support people with immediate assistance focusing on future resilience and maintaining dignity.

WACOSS administers ongoing support through information, resources, support and guidance to the Emergency Relief sector. As a result of this program, strong networks have been formed between Emergency Relief providers, government, the business sector and other community services. This program has been supported by Lotterywest.

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WA Connect

WA Connect

WA Connect provides a directory of Emergency Relief organisations and agencies in Western Australia. The directory provides accurate, real time information updated by the agencies themselves and monitored by users.

People searching for support can find Financial Counsellors, Housing Support, Community Legal Services and Refuges on the WA Connect Directory.

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Pilbara Project

WACOSS will work with local agencies in the Pilbara region throughout 2018-2019, to identify capacity-building needs and develop customised training programs that meet the needs of the community. The Pilbara Project builds on current strengths, working closely with community sector networks to support those already operating, while identifying areas of need to keep pace with reform and local community matters. This will build the skills and knowledge of regional community services sector through systematic provision of tailored professional development.


Associations Incorporations Act 2015 Resources Centre

The Associations Incorporations Act 2015 Resources Centre is to supplement the support the Department of Commerce provides to organisations in understanding the Associations Incorporations Act 2015. By taking WACOSS’ ‘Testing your Associations Knowledge’ questionnaire you will highlight any gaps in your knowledge and be provided appropriate resources.

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Co-Design Toolkit

Co-Design Toolkit

The WACOSS Co-Design Toolkit is a practical resource for anyone involved in the planning and design of new programs or services, or in the re-design of existing services.

The Toolkit was developed with resources provided by a Capacity Building Grant from the WA Department of Finance.

Check out the WACOSS Co-Design Toolkit webinar here: http://bit.ly/2z9683w

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Peaks Sector Support Grants

Resources and capacity-building for Peak bodies to service their members.

Peaks Sector Support Grants project is a pilot project supported by WACOSS, funded by Lotterywest. It is an opportunity for WA community services peak bodies to apply to for grants up to $20,000 to facilitate training, or consultation and co-design processes with their members on a sector issue of strategic importance, where the need to do this is immediate.  The focus of this project is emerging issues that require a quick response, which often is very difficult for small peak bodies to accommodate.  Up to $100,000 per year is available over a two-year pilot period.

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Connecting Early Years Networks Support Program

Connecting Early Years Networks Support Program

Early Years Networks (EYNs) are groups of parents, professionals and community members committed to improving outcomes for children aged zero to eight. EYNs across Western Australia play a fundamental role in supporting young children and their families to live fulfilled and rewarding lives.

The Connecting Early Years Network Support Program was developed by WACOSS and was funded by the Department of Communities. This funding ceased on 30 June 2019. The support role for this program has transitioned to the Department of Communities. For more information about the changes, please download the Q & A. Alternatively, you can contact the Department of Communities via email: [email protected]

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DropIN is the free and flexible way to connect with the community sector. It is a purpose built online platform that allows you to access resources, build projects and drive innovation. DropIN was designed to help Not-for-profits, government and industry collaborate to build integrated sector networks and projects.

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Connecting Early Years Networks Portal

Connecting Early Years Networks Portal

With 47 Early Years Networks throughout Western Australia, the purpose built Connecting Early Years Network Portal provides Networks with an easily accessible collaboration tool. This free tool includes online networking opportunities, information sharing and access to other community members and service providers.

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Budget Link Community

Budget Link Community

BudgetLink Community provides intuitive and flexible financial management software designed for the Community Sector. This software package is non-technical in approach and designed to assist in financial modelling, full organisation budgeting and forecasting. It can connect to popular off-the-shelf accounting packages allowing automation of many time consuming tasks, and replace manual spreadsheets.

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