Collaboration for Sustainability

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Collaboration for Sustainability

In the Australian Institute of Company Directors NFP Governance & Performance Survey 2014; fifty per cent of Directors of not-for-profit social service organisations said in the past year they have discussed the possibility of a merger. About a quarter of these organisations are expecting a merger to happen within the next two years.

Deciding to merge or form an alliance with another organisation requires careful strategic consideration and is often complex, expensive and risky to implement. This course will look at the key social, political and economic drivers for change and the strategic considerations for collaborations and partnerships.

Learning outcomes & content:

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic models, legal framework options and steps involved in a merger or restructure
  • Recognise key factors involved in a successful merger or restructure
  • Identify risks, benefits and challenges for making a decision to merge or restructure
  • Identifying and approaching possible partners

Who will benefit?

This course is aimed at strategic decision makers.

Note: this is program does not replace legal advice.

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