Communicating and Connecting with Aboriginal Clients

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Communicating and Connecting with Aboriginal Clients

This course is specifically designed for the community services sector and those working with, or wanting to work with Aboriginal clients or communities.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal people, their culture and history. The course has a significant emphasis on providing strategies for engaging, communicating and working collaboratively with Aboriginal people and communities.

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to share their challenges and successes in communicating and connecting with Aboriginal clients with other participants.

Learning outcomes & content:

  1. An overview of the impact of white settlement, government policy and the Stolen Generation on Aboriginal people, culture, family and community
  2. Explored racism and discrimination and our own experiences
  3. Gained an insight into Aboriginal culture, law, kinship, religious structures, customs and society
    a better understanding to the concept of Aboriginal English and an exploration of the barriers in language and communication styles for Aboriginal people
  4. Improved strategies to engage, promote and accommodate cultural differences and create a culturally safe and appropriate place for Aboriginal people
  5. The course will include case studies, guest speakers and the opportunity to discuss specific issues, concerns and needs.

Who will benefit?

This is an essential course for anyone working in the community services sector and with Aboriginal people.

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