Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Situations

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Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Situations

Conflict and difficult situations are an inevitable part of any workplace. Ensuring that they are dealt with appropriately is essential to maintaining balance, harmony and productivity within the workplace. This workshop will help you: identify common elements of difficult situations that may lead to conflict; use communication techniques to positively respond; intervene effectively; strengthen trust between parties and build morale; and manage rather than avoid conflict.

Learning outcomes & content:

  • Identify the common elements of a difficult situation
  • Analyse what works and what doesn’t when dealing with difficult situations
  • Validate reactions to difficult situations and see how these shape outcomes
  • Use listening, paraphrasing and questioning to understand the other person’s perspective
  • Apply assertiveness techniques to respond to difficult situations
  • Respond to criticism without becoming emotional or defensive
  • Define conflict and identify your style in conflict situations
  • Apply a process for resolving workplace conflicts

Who will benefit?

This course is suitable for all staff at any level.

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