Nuts and Bolts of Measuring Outcomes

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Nuts and Bolts of Measuring Outcomes

What is the difference between measurement and evaluation? Why do we need consultants to evaluate our programs? What sort of measurement or evaluation do we do ourselves, and when do we need external assistance?  In our current changing procurement environment of understanding and measuring outcomes, it can be very unclear as to what we are referring to when we discuss measurement and evaluation. It becomes even more confusing when we see the myriad of tools, frameworks, theories and definitions in measuring social outcomes.

Learning outcomes & content:

This workshop will provide you with a robust base level understanding of measurement and evaluation, and the ability to:

  • recognise what you can measure yourself,
  • what you need to be able to undertake this measurement, and
  • when you should ask for external assistance

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to outcomes
  • Introduction to measurement and evaluation
  • What can be done in-house and when you should outsource

Who will benefit?

This course is suitable for managers and staff setting and reporting on program outcomes.

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